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The first day of LaLiga 2018-19, Girona-Atlético, produced a strange scene on the visiting bench of Montilivi. Nelson Vivas (Grenadier Baigorria, Argentina, 1959; 50 years old) was on his way to the bench to sit next to Simeone, as he did in his years in the technical staff of Cholo, in River and Estudiantes. When you arrive, a stop. He came to Spain as a third coach, not as a second. The role he played in Simeone’s early career as coach in Spain was played by Germán Burgos, for more than seven successful years. It was the ‘Mono’ who was responsible for that place, who occupied it while Nelson Vivas went to the box, his place at Atletico as Cholo’s third assistant. Until now. Until next season begins. The ‘Mono’ Burgos is going to fly alone. Yesterday he made official what from the simeone renewal firm to 2022 in February 2019 was an open secret: that I would not continue in the Atleti. That day, from the technical staff, all he was missing was in the picture. His renewal never came. His contract ends now, at the end of this season.

Germán Burgos never needed introduction for red-white fans. He was already one of his. Charismatic and authentic, he had arrived at Atletico with Luis leaving behind a Mallorca in Champions To star in an iconic image: his emerging from a sewer saying “we’re here, ” The Atletico in First. “It was recorded looking at the Cibeles. At first we thought something very Nike, match in the underground, superproduction’. But it was expensive. In the end the match is just noises underground, an escaped ball and a footballer who goes after him. Germán, the doorman. When a ball escapes in a game, who goes after it? The doorman“, he unveiled AS Miguel García Vizcaíno, in a review at the age of 18 of his agency Ms. Rushmore creating Atleti brand. They chose the ‘Mono’ ahead of a boy who was already out pointing to legend, Fernando Torres.

Roles to be second coach in Spain

Vivas, on the other hand, remains a stranger to many. Who is it? Who was it in football? Ambidiestro, as a footballer he played on the right back with a career in Argentina (he made his debut in Quilmes, 1990) and steps through Switzerland (Lugano, 1997), Premier (Arsenal, 1998 and 2000), Italy (Inter, 2001) and to Spain (Celta, a transfer in 2000). With Simeone he competed for the Argentina national team, 1998 World Cup. Obsessive and methodical, the first steps on the coaching pitch were taken with Cholo, in Racing, 2006, already as an extreme detailed in the reports, the course of having been under the orders of Menotti, Bilardo or Bielsa.

In Argentina he was always the ‘Mono’ of Cholo. Always by his hand, after Student Racing and River. Always so similar, cabalist, perfectionist, temperamental. Of all his years on the bench (after Cholo he coached Quilmes, 2013-14, Estudiantes, 2016-17) there are no results, titles or cups left, but a photo: his ripping off his shirt in the band, on his way to the locker room, after being sent off in a match in front of Boca in front of Estudiantes. When Simeone had jumped to Spain, in December 2011 to direct Atletico, he had not followed him because he did not want to part with his daughter. Seven years later, the casualties of Tiago Mendes, a year as Cholo’s assistant after his retirement, and Vizcaíno, third, would have made room for Atletico. He crossed the puddle, but could not sit next to the Cholo in the matches, as in Argentina. That place belonged to the Monkey. Until now that his problem, as published The Country today, it would be another: “Vivas cannot exercise as second by not having the title demanded by UEFA and the Federation.”

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