[Bon Plan] The DJI Mavic Mini drone at 349 euros


Amazon today offers the DJI Mavic Mini drone for 349 euros, a good price for this small complete and efficient drone that you can bring everywhere!

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Not only does the DJI Mavic Mini is small but in addition, it is super light since it is only 249g. If the Mavic Mini is below 250g, it is no coincidence since it allows the Chinese manufacturer to offer the general public a drone that does not require any authorization to be used. Be careful, if he does not apply for a permit, he still follows the rules of other drones and it will always be necessary to check whether or not to fly a drone.

The DJI Mavic Mini: small but strong

The DJI Mavic Mini succeeds the DJI Spark which saw its marketing stop in the middle of the month if you follow the news of drones. And since he’s a Mavic, he can fold, which was not the case with the Spark. Because it targets the general public, we find the “GeoFencing” technology that helps pilots avoid restricted areas, but also the AeroScope remote identification system helping to protect sensitive locations, built-in altitude limits and finally, automatic return to the starting point if the drone loses the connection or reaches a low battery level.

“Designing a drone as light, compact and efficient as the Mavic Mini was one of the most challenging projects ever undertaken at DJI,” said Roger Luo, President of DJI. “Integrating high-end features into a hand-held drone is the culmination of many years of work, and we’re excited to add a new class of drones to the DJI product line. The Mavic Mini’s long flight life, ultra-light weight and high-definition camera make it DJI’s drone for everyday use – and most importantly, it’s easy to fly, no matter what your experience with drones. »

While the Spark was delivered without a remote control, the Mavic Mini offers a remote control to drive the Mavic Mini by default. Its battery gives it a flight time of 30 minutes, which is impressive for a drone of this size. The transmission is via WiFi and the Mavic Mini incorporates GPS receivers and lower optical sensors to detect the ground. The range is 4km with an HD image transmission limited to 2km. The memory port obviously welcomes the eternal Micro-SD and the charging is done via a Micro-USB port.

dji mavic mini

An improved photo and video part compared to the DJI Spark

On the technical side, the Mavic Mini features a 12-megapixel 1/2.3-inch sensor, allowing you to take 12-megapixel photos or videos up to the Full HP 1080P at 60fps or 2.7K to 30fps. The pod that contains the camera is of course stabilized on three axes. With the Mavic Pro, DJI introduces a new application, DJI Fly, simpler and more intuitive than DJI Go 4 rather oriented for expert amateurs. There are tutorials to learn how to fly, Sport mode or CineSmooth mode to smooth the movements and thus get more cinematic videos.

remote control dji mavic mini

Of course, there are pre-programmed flight modes such as Rocket, Circle, Dronie, Propeller or Timelapse mode. But that’s not all since DJI offers a whole bunch of new accessories for wider use. There is 360-degree propeller protection, charging station, propeller attachment, etc. DJI even offers customization kits for the back of the Mavic Mini.


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