Boris Becker and his start as Novak Djokovic’s coach


Novak Djokovic he always had in Marian Vajda a confessor, a friend and a great coach to lean on since he was a young teenager with no weight on the circuit. Marian has always been there, but perhaps her most intractable period on the circuit coincided with the presence in her box of Boris Becker, who formed a virtually unstoppable binomial with Novak. Under his tutelage, the Serb grew in maturity, incorporated different records into his game and completed his dominance by signing one of the best seasons in tennis history, the 2015, in which he reached the four Grand Slam finals.

We review in this text the tennis players who reached the four Grand Slam finals in a single season. Do you know who they were?

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Their paths now chart different destinations, but the good relationship between them has never ceased to exist, as Boris himself confesses in an interview with Eurosport Germany. The German technician made it clear that his door will always be open for the world’s number one: “Novak will always be A friend very close. We stopped working together at the end of 2016 because he wanted to take a break. Then the problems appeared in the elbow and in the spring of 2017 it operated. It was three intense and very successful years; at some point, a Djokovic-level superstar also needs to take a break.”

In addition, he confessed that the end of their contractual relationship did not mean that they both ceased to be in constant communication during the major tournaments: “In the following Grand Slams, provided That Nole has had any doubts about a player, we have been able to meet. My door has always been open to him“.

We have begun at the end, reaffirming the cordial relationship they both have and being aware that they ended up on very good terms. But And the beginning? How do you forge such a trustworthy relationship and how can two of the most winning personalities of recent decades fit in? What Boris has dared to confess is that, in his first meeting, his first impressions… were really sincere.

“I visited Djokovic in Monte Carlo and talked for 48 hours of tennis. It came just from losing number one. I promised him I’d behave the only way it works: to be honest. I told him that the why, perhaps, that he wasn’t so good, is that hadn’t improved anything since it became number one. Nadal and Federer have adjusted their game; Instead, I told him I didn’t like his position on his court and I didn’t like his serve at all.”

That was, after all, what Djokovic needed: the push of a person coming from outside his environment, a new vision that would help him overcome and bend his limits as he has so often done during his professional career. “We had a long conversation. She had already won many Grand Slam titles and was an absolute superstar, but he wasn’t satisfied with himself and looked for more. I have to give him credit for that.”

The rest is history: after a bumpy start, with the australian Open quarter-final defeat to Stan Wawrinka, Nole ended up flying back, winning a magnificent tennis final at Wimbledon and using 2014 as a launch ramp for a sensational 2015. Everything, of course, under Becker’s compass. But not only his former pupil had words the German tennis player: he also re-covered a recurring theme, that of the future and journey of the future generation in tennis, of the great suitors to the throne.

Thiem it has already been in three Grand Slam finals, Zverev and Tsitsipas have reached the semi-finals. None of them, however, have yet achieved success. Why? On the one hand the three large extremely strong and have been consistent for 15 years; on the other, they may not be good enough.” In addition, and to conclude, Boris expressed his Concern by the lowest classes of the circuit in the face of the current situation:

“I’m worried about the tennis player, and I don’t mean the first hundred, but really the thousand players they are also called tennis professionals and they have nothing to work for right now. If this break lasts longer, you’ll have to find another job. They have to feed and pay the rent.”

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