Bouygues Telecom tries to increase the bill of some Bbox subscribers and baits with OCS by playing with fire


Bouygues Telecom tries to increase the bill of some Bbox subscribers and baits with OCS by playing with fire

Bouygues Telecom continues to automatically increase the subscription price of some of its subscribers. The operator is fine-tuning its drive tactic to make it easier to accept the rate increase.

The practice is disturbing but it is legal, Bouygues Telecom knows and uses more and more. The operator regularly informs some of its mobile and fixed subscribers of the upcoming increase in the price of their subscription in exchange for enrichments (more data, integration of a service etc). Recently, Bouygues Telecom has taken the plug even further by offering gigas offered and then paid in an email sent to certain customers B-You, causing an 80% increase in the price of their package. However, they were able to refuse the offer if they wished.

New illustration today of this practice decried, a Bbox subscriber had the unpleasant surprise this morning to receive an email from the operator, informing him of the upcoming change of his subscription. This time the operator does not go there with a dead hand and warns of the integration in its offer of SCO from August 16 (4 channels and all content on demand) for 24 months for “only 5 euros” more per month, all without re-engagement. While the offer may appeal to some customers who want to subscribe to the SVoD service, the subscriber in question does not take it away: “Bouygues Telecom, you’re nice to your forced offers but I’m not interested.” It should be noted that this OCS subscription is currently available on the operator’s website at 1 euro in the first month and then 12 euros per month.

Legal enrichment or not?

According to the DGCCRF, operators have the right to increase the price of packages by respecting two conditions. The first is to notify a month before by mail or email. The second, the subscription improvement should only cover services that appeal to telecoms such as unlimited SMS, more data or better speed. On the other hand, they cannot increase the price of the package for another reason such as “a music option, TV option, book subscription”. The integration of OCS appears here as a TV option. Subscribers can therefore report this plan increase on the SignalConso platform set up by the Fraud Enforcement. His situation will then be examined. At the launch of the platform, the authority said that companies that have received multiple unreased reports will be in their sights.

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