Charges are filed against three other police officers involved in Floyd’s arrest


Minnesota, USA.

The prosecutor investigating the death of George Floyd hardened the charges against the Police that it Choked the accuser of “homicide without premeditation”, And it’s going to Process also to the three other agents present, the Minnesota senator reported Amy Klobuchar.

The family of Floyd whose death on 25 May led to a wave of protests not seen in decades in United States held the decision in a statement issued by his lawyer, Ben Crump. “This is an important step towards JusticeThe lawyer stated.

The agent Derek Chauvin, which last week was accused of Manslaughter will be further prosecuted by homicide without premeditation, a charge that added to existing ones and entails harsher penalties.

In addition, the prosecutor will charge the other three agents who were in the place accusing them of attend Chauvin and charges will be charged for helping and instigating a homicide without premeditation.

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