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The story of dozens of children who walk for hours to continue studying reached the foreign press. Media such as RT in Spanish (Russia), ADN Radio from Chile and Publimetro from Mexico have reported on this situation and collected testimonies from the schoolchildren and parents affected by the digital divide.

The protagonists of these stories are the children and parents who live in the town of Kantati Ururi, Cojata district, Huancané province of Puno; on the border with Bolivia.

Mexican Gauge

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There are at least 50 students who go up to 15 kilometers and they climb a hill to catch the radio signal. This is the only way they can attend the classes of the “I learn at home” program.

Some are accompanied by their parents, but others walk alone. In addition to fatigue, the little ones must endure the low temperatures typical of the Puno Altiplano. For them all this effort is worth everything, since they can continue with their classes and avoid truncating their student development.

Radio ADN de Chile

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Through a video, RT in Spanish spread the testimony of Francisco Aruquipa, resident of Kuntuti Ururi. The villager narrates that they must leave their homes around 7:30 or 8:00 am to arrive at the hill in time for classes. The children They show the radios they carry around their necks and the notebooks where they solve the tasks assigned to them.

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