Chilean Arturo Vidal responds to criticism from his compatriots


EFE/Iusport.-Santiago de Chile.- Chilean Barcelona player Arturo Vidal emerged on Saturday in the wake of criticisms made to him in his country after last Tuesday the flyer raised a message against racism and solidarity for the death of American citizen George Floyd.

Social media criticism did not point to the footballer’s message itself, but to the fact that Vidal showed no such clear support for the Chilean social outburst that occurred in October 2019.

At the time, the midfielder was criticized for his stance on the country’s contingency when in November last year he was willing to play a friendly scheduled for mid that month against Peru.

“It would be nice to win over Peru so that people forget what is going on and suffering”He said on that occasion.

This comment sparked controversy among Chileans, some of whom perceived the player’s attitude as unsatisfied given the country’s severe political and social crisis. There are even those who did not hesitate to call the “King Arthur” adept at the right-wing government of Sebastián Piñera.

“How cute you look ‘supporting’ Arturito… but you forgot your village in October,” Catalina Carrillo, from the University of Chile and international under-17s and under-20s, told him.

In his advocacy, Vidal wrote on his social media: “You can talk and say what you want about me, but: I am from the people, I am from one of the poorest neighborhoods of Santiago and today I can say that what I am is thanks to the people who grew up with me and lived the same as me.”

“And for the without memory, who want to leave me wrong with the people, who care more about colors, than equality in our country. So, I, I leave my life in what I do, I’m not talking, I’m real and I’ve earned everything on a pulse…”, added the footballer.

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