Civil protection rehearses warning sirens in September


This has not happened since the Cold War: in September, the Federal Office for Civil Protection wants to make the sirens howl throughout the country. They warn, for example, of nuclear accidents in an emergency.

With the first nationwide test alarm since reunification, the warning technology for special risks such as severe weather or chemical accidents is to be tested in September. The aim is also to inform people in Germany about warnings in emergencies on the day, as announced by the Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief in Bonn.

On September 10, the sirens are to be heard all over Germany at 11 a.m. The test alert will also take place on this day via warning apps, radio and television and on social media.

Sirens warn of fires or nuclear accidents

The so-called warning day is also intended to make the warning events more known, according to the Federal Office. These could include fires or the appearance of radioactive radiation, but also power outages or natural hazards, such as earthquakes or floods. According to its own information, the Federal Office also warns against pathogens such as the coronavirus in special situations via the warning app Nina.

The warning day will take place annually every second Thursday in September, the Federal Office said.

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