Commercial leases – 60% rent cuts could fall into a legal swamp


The National joins the Council of States in providing aid to businesses affected by the crisis. But the road is still paved with pitfalls.

Help for closed shops

Businesses that pay less than 20,000 francs in monthly rent are covered by the law.

Urs Jaudas

Apparently, everything is bathed. The National Council has taken a major step towards the Council of ÉThursday to give businesses a boost. They will only have to pay 40% of their rent during thea coronavirus crisis . To one condition: that their rent be less than 20000 francs per month. The bill for BElsewhere? It is estimated at more than 200 Million francs. While some of them have difficulties, they will be able to appeal to the Confederation, which will put 20 million available.

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