Criticized over her ‘idle’ lifestyle, Stephanie of Monaco’s daughter reframes a surfer


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Camille Gottlieb posted the “i” dots on Instagram.

« “Oisive”Oh, really? Very active on Instagram where she has some 66,000 followers, Camille Gottlieb shares behind the scenes of her Monaco life without blush, between body-positive messages and casual red carpet. Criticized on her Lifestyle The daughter of Stephanie of Monaco, 21, did not hesitate to put things in their place.

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“Tell me, what do you do with your days… There is so much to do with others… Do you have a job, a passion? I think you’re so nice, but what you’re posting is so futile. Your status can help so many people… Your mom helps a lot of people… », sent him a user on the social network. « You could be a role model for young people your age, idle spoiled children bring nothing… I hope you’ll make me dream intelligently, ” she added. An acid message that the young woman could not pass.

« Good evening ma’am, so yes, I have a job. I’m in charge of the communication, event and marketing of a company and I supervise several people”, she replied before going back on her multiple caps in charity. « I have been the founder and president of the be Safe Monaco association for almost three years, I am a volunteer in my mother Fight Aids Monaco’s association and I also help my mother a lot in her quest for animal welfare. And I have many plans for my professional life as well as in my associative life”concluded without rancour. What’s to calm bad tongues for good?

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