Curious coincidence: US riots reveal secret iPhone feature


On the display of the stolen iPhone, the following text can then be read: “Please return the device to the store. This device has been issued and its location is being monitored. The police are alerted.” It even shows exactly from which Apple Store the iPhone was stolen. The iPhone remains in this lock screen and cannot be activated any further. It is not clear how the Twitter users came into possession of the device.

Until now, only users themselves had the option to track the iPhone if it falls into someone else’s hands. Either to make it more difficult for the thief to continue using the device or to provide an honest finder with the necessary information about the actual owner. But Apple also has a way to track and lock the iPhones from Apple stores.

This secret software may have been activated to protect the devices as soon as the looting became known. As a result, the iPhone is virtually useless for the criminals. You cannot use it yourself or resell it at a high price. Other Apple stores that had just returned from the Corona break were closed again and the iPhones and other Apple products were taken off the shelves.

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