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After the rally of the last day, the DAX is expected to stabilise for the first time on Thursday.The Dax Is expected to start trading without much change, having jumped above the 12,400-point mark the previous day. The Tecdax is expected to do so.

After the DAX had no hold the day before, investors are likely to take a breather again on Thursday. Some market participants have already warned of overheating of stock markets. As the strategist Jeffrey Halley of broker Oanda puts it to dpa, a “buy-all rally” is emerging, which has continued on the US stock exchanges. In the early afternoon, all eyes will be on the ECB, which is announcing the latest interest rate decision. A Interest rate cut is considered to be almost excluded. But investors are hoping to boost the multibillion-dollar bond-buying program to help the economy get on its feet.Click here for the complete index overview

Investors in Europe are expected to take a breather on Thursday after the latest price premiums.

The EuroSTOXX 50 likely to start the day little moved

Ahead of the ECB’s decision, which is scheduled for early afternoon, market participants are likely to take a wait-and-see stance. While interest rates are unlikely to be expected, it is hoped that the multibillion-dollar bond-buying program will be further expanded to support the economic recovery.

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Wall Street held its high midweek high.

The U.S. benchmark index Dow Jones Started trading at 25,906.88 meters with a premium of 0.64 percent and then expanded it further. It ended trading up 2.05 percent at 26,269.89 points. Tech investors, meanwhile, remained somewhat risk-averse: the NASDAQ Composite It was only a slight gain at the opening of the stock market, but was able to extend it to 0.78 percent at 9,682.91 index points by the end of trading.

The unrest surrounding the death of the African-American George Floyd had calmed down somewhat. Investors also remained optimistic that stimulus programs and central bank financial stimulus would quickly get the economy back on its feet. In addition, the ADP labour market report surprised positively: the job decline was significantly lower at 2.76 million – 8.75 million were expected. And sentiment in the U.S. services sector for May is also rising more than expected. Accordingly, the trading day on the US stock exchanges was positive.

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On Thursday, markets in Asia are running out of steam.

Only in Tokyo can the Nikkei up 0.18 percent to 22,653.75. (7.10am AEST)

In mainland China, the Shanghai Composite The index was down 0.21 percent at 2,917.17 index points. In Hong Kong, the Hang Seng down 0.11 percent to 24,298.60 points.

After the euphoria of the last few days in the face of numerous easing of the corona regulations, reality is now catching up with investors. Although the markets are not expected to slump again, the recovery on the stock markets is somewhat premature. Tensions are also rising again in the US-China trade dispute. For example, the US government recently refrained from resuming air traffic from Chinese airlines to the US, because China would probably have refused to do so so far. Air traffic between the two nations was originally suspended due to the Corona pandemic.

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