DCEU: Black Adam and Superman clash, which of the two would win the fight?


Since Deadline announced the return of Henry Cavill as Superman in the DCEU, rumors around the project Man of Steel 2 with Dwayne Johnson and Zack Snyder on the production are revived. Warner isn’t talking about a direct sequel to the hero’s solo adventures at the moment, but there’s nothing to help but imagine what a fight between the two DC titans would look like. The Rock has always dreamed of playing the superhero in the red cape, but he can just aslikely claim to lend his features to the anti-hero Black Adam. And for good reason, these two characters have many similarities. Overdeveloped strength, tenacious endurance, super-speed and the ability to fly in the air… Superman and Black Adam enjoy the same abilities, with one exception.

Superman takes on Black Adam

Superman regenerates thanks to the sun’s rays, and is not ultra-resistant to magic! It is assumed that the point would therefore go to Black Adam, but nothing is played yet. According to Screenrant, if Superman still wins against Shazam’s enemy in the comics, it would be thanks to his super-speed. Man of Steel did not emphasize the extraordinary side of Clark Kent’s power, but it is understandable that it allows him to take a serious advantage. Although Black Adam also knows how to fly, show titanic strength and endurance, he can’t move as fast as our red-capeed hero. Nevertheless, the DCEU can still decide to write history differently and leave the title of winner to Black Adam! It will certainly have to wait before discovering this fight because Henry Cavill will not make cameos in Black Adam, The Flash Yes The Batman.

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