Deaths George Floyd: “Much remains to be done,” says NFL boss


Published on : 05/31/2020 – 12:22Modified : 05/31/2020 – 12:20

Los Angeles (AFP)

Roger Goodell, head of the North American Professional Football League (NFL), said on Saturday “there is still a lot to do” when speaking about the death of George Floyd, a 46-year-old African American who died Monday after his arrest by the police.

A video filmed by passers-by has gone viral since Monday. It shows a white policeman, Derek Chauvin, in the city of Minneapolis tackle George Floyd on the ground and keep his knee on his neck for long minutes, while the latter says he can no longer breathe.

His death following this arrest has led in recent days to demonstrations and riots in the city but also in the rest of the United States, even outside the White House.

“As current events dramatically point out, there is still much to do at both the country and the League level,” said Goodell, whose statements came days after that of former League star Colin Kaepernick .

“When civility leads to death, revolt is the only logical reaction,” Kaepernick, who knelt several times in 2016 during the American anthem to protest against police violence against blacks, wrote on his Twitter account on Thursday. . Kaepernick, has not played in the NFL for three years and his boycott of the American anthem.

“This kind of tragedy reminds us of our continued commitment and efforts,” said Goodell.

“We assume this responsibility and are committed to continuing the important work to resolve these systemic issues with our players, clubs and partners,” added the NFL leader.

Goodell expressed on behalf of the American League “deep sadness at the tragic events across our country”.

“These protest movements (…) reflect the pain, anger and frustration that many of us feel,” said the NFL boss, who extended his condolences to the family of Floyd.

After Floyd’s death, riots broke out in Minneapolis, then in several other big cities including Detroit, New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Atlanta … They aroused many reactions, up to former President Barack Obama .

Police officer Chauvin was arrested on Friday and charged with “manslaughter”.

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