Dennis Rodman’s clever answer to Donald Trump


Much criticized for his handling of the events currently having a stir in the United States, Donald Trump received a scathing response from Dennis Rodman in one of his recent tweets.

The task of the president of a nation like that of the United States is never easy. It is even less so when it has to deal with a protest movement that encompasses all the major metropolises of the country. That’s what Donald Trump is seeing right now, as hundreds of thousands of Americans take to the streets to denounce discrimination against the African-American community.

Managing these events wouldn’t be easy for anyone, but that hasn’t stopped them from receiving a barrage of criticism in recent days, some from the NBA. Steve Kerr, Gregg Popovich, or lately Ben Simmons, did not hesitate to attack their leader.

On Thursday, Dennis Rodman joined the list of detractors. As Trump tweeted a traditional, random “Make America Great Again” on Thursday morning, the former Bulls insider mischievously countered.


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Many will appreciate the skill of the release of The Worm, and the substantive message he conveys. Nevertheless, this one is surprising. Indeed, the two men have always shared a great friendship. In an interview for Sports Illustrated Published in 2019, Rodman, for example, praised the president’s human qualities.

I like Donald Trump. I don’t like him as president, but he’s cool. Donald Trump makes me laugh. He’s always trying to be the sanctimonious guy, and I make fun of that with him every time I see him. I don’t look at him as a president, I look at him as a friend. He is someone I can sit with, chat and have a beer with.

Both tabloid stars during the 1990s, they would have gotten to know each other at that time, and have since maintained friendships. Surprisingly, it may appear, they have also had the opportunity to meet for political reasons in the past.

For example, his closeness to Kim Jong-Un, the NBA legend would have had an important role to play in the exchanges between the two heads of state, and in their recent high-profile meetings. All of this has clearly not stopped Rodman from rallying the cause of the United States and attacking Donald Trump.

Often puzzling in his speeches and his party making, Dennis Rodman has this time joined the majority of Americans, lambasting Donald Trump for his handling of the complaints of his fellow citizens.

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