Drew Brees and Lea Michele: celebrities who were evidenced by their racism in networks


On Wednesday afternoon, users evidenced two famous for their Racism In social media, following the tragic death of George Floyd that has led to endless protests across the United States.

She was the actress. Lea Michele who first received a large number of criticisms that associated her with racial discrimination even though she spoke in favor of Floyd and the protests that are taking place.

“George Floyd didn’t deserve this. This was not an isolated incident and has to end #BlackLivesMatter,” wrote the celebrity who appeared in the series Glee.

However, the African-American actress Samantha Ware she was angry about her partner’s message and was called by a double-speech person, so she wrote directly to her account.

“Do you remember when you did my first TV job, hell in life? Because I’ll never forget it,” Glee’s former party wrote.

For his part, the quarterback of the New Orleans Saints, Drew BreesHe was also criticized after being interviewed and without kneeling during the United States anthem ceremony in protest against racism.

“I will never agree that anyone disrespects the flag of the United States of America,” the american football player said.

As a result, athletes from other sports and his teammate, Michael Thomas, disagreed and demanded that he show more respect for African-Americans.

“He’s more than lost. I guarantee you there were black men fighting alongside your grandfather, but this doesn’t seem to be about that. That awkward conversation you’re trying to avoid by injecting the military into a conversation about brutality and equality is part of the problem,” Richard Sherman wrote.

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