Eastern Tiger joins TikTok and premieres officially features a fun feline dance video Shows


Judith Bustos, better known as the Tigress del Oriente, communicated to her followers her recent foray into the growing fashion of TikTok.

The “Israel” performer opened her official account on the Chinese platform and amused users with a unique dance.

YOU CAN SEE Tigresa del Oriente dabbles in the sale of masks in its style ‘animals print’

The Peruvian artist showed off her best dance steps with one of the most popular songs on the platform. In the fun clip you can watch the Tigress of the East culminate the unique choreography showing the ‘claws’, one of its most characteristic steps.

“Now you can also follow me on TikTok, ” he wrote in Instagram and in this way invited users to be part of their virtual community on their new social network.

The recording quickly spread on the Internet and has managed to accumulate almost 44,000 views.

Tigress of the East on Instagram

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The Tigress of the East dabbles in the sale of masks

The Peruvian artist has reinvented herself during quarantine and started a business to boost facial protection during quarantine with a design true to her style.

Tigress of the East. Photo: Facebook

The Tigress del Oriente has begun to make protective masks in ‘animal print’ style.

“Artists have been affected by this pandemic and one way to earn income is by selling visor masks, easy protectors and mamelucos that are guaranteed by the Minsa. In addition, they are made with the atigrada theme that characterizes me,” he said Judith Bustos.

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