Employees attack Amazon for exposing them to coronavirus


Three employees at an Amazon warehouse in New York have sued the US giant for failing to take the necessary steps to protect its employees from the new coronavirus, including imposing high rates.

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An employee of this gigantic distribution platform located on Staten Island, one of New York’s five major neighborhoods, died as a result of COVID-19 in early May, but his relatives are not a party to this procedure.

The group claimed at the time that the employee had not been in contact with another employee who tested positive, meaning that he would have contracted the virus outside the site.

According to the subpoena, filed Wednesday in federal court in Brooklyn on behalf of the three employees and some of their relatives, an employee claims to have contracted COVID-19 at the center itself.

She fears that she may have infected part of her family, including her cousin, who lived with her and died at her home in COVID-19.

According to employees, Amazon allowed employees who had been in contact with people who were positive to the virus to return to work on the site.

According to the document, the e-commerce company has still not paid the compensation for quarantined employees, which was intended to compensate for their loss of wages.

Employees also blamed Amazon for its management of sick leave, which they say encourages employees not to stop for fear of not being paid or being fired.

The three employees also questioned the work rates in the warehouse and the strict management of breaks, which “discourages employees from leaving their workstations to wash their hands or clean their workstations”.

The subpoena does not seek damages other than the payment of a portion of the quarantine compensation, not collected by one of the employees.

It mainly calls for Amazon to apply necessary measures to prevent the spread of the virus in the warehouse.

Asked by AFP, Amazon did not immediately respond.

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