Eric lasps out at Paul and Quesada, here’s his words


When you talk about the 12 Strokes of noon and especially the ranking, you can’t help but talk about two candidates namely Cristian Quesada and Paul. They clearly set records during their participation and they are ultimately always taken as an example in comparisons.

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Eric speaks in an interview

Eric is now the new candidate who finds himself in the spotlight since he offered himself a 7th star a few days ago in the 12 Strokes of noon. According to rumors, he could be eliminated soon to the great misfortune of his fans. However, he was asked in an interview with Télé Leisure and was able to mention two masters of the show, Cristian Quesada and Paul. The latter lost while facing a question described as simple by Internet users.

12 strokes of noon
Source: Instagram capture @les12coupsdemidi_tf1
  • Eric says he doesn’t care about Quesada, his fate belongs to him, he only looks at the position he can occupy within this program.
  • With his career, the former player of the 12 Coups de midi finds himself in the first place and Eric would like to make him lose his place.
  • Indeed, he clarifies that it would ultimately be a pity if “this character” could be first in such a program.

The candidate of the 12 Strokes of noon who has been with Jean-Luc Reichmann every day for many weeks then redoubles his efforts to become number one. It takes an excellent general culture and he does not hesitate to revise and revise his classics to achieve this place.

Eric in the 12 strokes of noon
Source: Instagram capture @les12coupsdemidi_tf1

Eric beat Paul in the 12 Strokes of noon

It should be noted that on social networks, Eric is not necessarily unanimous since he dethroned Paul who was the darling of the French. Although he is present quite regularly in this program, some viewers would have appreciated that he continued the adventure since he was quite impressive thanks to his general culture. Eric specifies then in this same interview that he hopes to surpass him, but other words have been relayed. Indeed, he believes “it would not please me for that matter.”

He insinuates that some Internet users would like him to overtake Paul. We will now have to wait to see if he will have the opportunity to find himself in the first place or if he will fail when he is at the gates of the record. Don’t forget that the 12 Coups de midi are there every day on TF1 and as Jean-Luc Reichmann said in a recent interview, it is difficult to evolve now in this program since the discomfort is total. However, the team is obliged to respect sanitary gestures as it specifies in Télé 7 Jours.

Ranking of the best Masters of The South

  1. Christian with 193 entries and 809,392 euros in earnings (2016/2017)
  2. Eric with 177 entries and 853,944 euros in winnings (in progress)
  3. Paul with 153 entries and 691,522 euros in winnings. (October 2019)
  4. Véronique with 100 entries and 447,226 euros in winnings
  5. Timothy with 83 entries and 353,348 euros in earnings (June 2017)

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