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The slump in the European car market in April due to the Coronavirus crisis, which was already evident from individual country reports, is confirmed: According to data from the information service provider Jato Dynamics, a full 78 percent fewer cars were registered across Europe this April than a year ago. It was also confirmed that electric cars were still the best way to get away with this environment – for example, it was already known for Germany that Tesla was the only brand to record gains. Overall, however, the Model 3 and other pure electric cars in Europe also had to leave feathers in April, while plug-in hybrids managed to make a small increase.

Electric cars break down milder

According to Jato, only 292,453 new cars were registered across Europe in the 27 countries surveyed in April. That’s nearly four-fifths less than a year ago, and in Italy and the UK (where the Tesla Model 3 became the best-selling car ever in April), the number actually fell by 97 percent. At minus 61 percent, Germany held slightly better than the European average.

Electric cars would find a new “safe haven” in the crisis with Europe, Jato comments on the April result. They also saw a massive 46 percent decline, but at least by comparison, they appeared mild, pushing their market share to 17 percent in April. It also includes simple hybrid cars, which saw a 66 percent drop. Plug-in hybrids were the only sub-category (7 percent to 14,000 units), while pure electric cars like Tesla’s were on average 29 percent less commonthan than in April a year ago.

Tesla Model 3 at the top

The Tesla Model 3 achieved the position of the best-selling electric car in 23 European countries; It was re-approved 2278 times in April, according to Jato. However, sales fell by 37 percent compared to 2019, which is more than the electric car average; unlike in Germany, Tesla has not been able to continue to grow in Europe despite the crisis. In total, only 13 models were added to the road more frequently in April 2020 than a year ago, Jato reports. Among them were two German electric cars, the Audi e-tron (on 1307 units in all 27 countries) and the Mercedes EQC (on a moderate 409 units).

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