Expanded social contacts: “the rule of 4” becomes “the bubble of 10”


Not always well understood – nor applied – the famous “rule of 4” disappears from June 8. It will be replaced by a broader rule where it will be possible to see 10 people each week, in addition to those in their homes.

Erika Vlieghe and Marius Gilbert, members of the GEES (the expert group in charge of de-confinement in Belgium), had already spoken on this subject in recent days: the rule of 4, in force since 10 May, had to evolve. We now know in what form.

Sophie Wilmès confirmed that social contacts would be broadened, calling for a sense of responsibility for citizens. In concrete terms, it will now be possible to see 10 people each week, in addition to those in his home. “This is your expanded ‘personal bubble’,” the Prime Minister said. ‘This rule counts for every person.’ Every week’ means that these people can change if you wish. The limit of 10 per week will result in continuing to limit contacts regards. In addition, it will allow you to know precisely who you have had closer contact with in case of contamination.”

Group meetings will be limited to 10 people (including children) at the same time, whether you see yourself at home or outside, in a restaurant for example.

“The ‘4 people’ rule is definitely being replaced,” said Sophie Wilmès. “You will therefore be able to significantly expand your social contacts. This will please many of us, there is no doubt about that. This opportunity, however, is inseparable from the sense of responsibility that everyone must demonstrate. The ability to control an individual right such as this is reduced. Therefore, this rule must be followed in good intelligence, in the spirit of mutual and reciprocal protection on the theme: ‘by following the rules, I protect you and you protect me’. Never forget that your health and that of the people you love are the first.

Religious ceremonies: up to 100 people

In addition, religious events such as weddings will also be expanded: 100 people will now be able to attend (but only 50 people will be able to attend the reception that will followJuly 1). Masses will therefore be able to resume, provided that social distance is respected. Rituals with physical contact, however, are always forbidden.

From July, this number could be extended to 200 people, if the health situation permits.

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