Fans applaud Amanda Seales for abandoning ‘The Real’ over censorship claims


Since Amanda Seales confirmed that she would join the roundtable at The Real, the show has made headlines, most of which involve Seales. She silenced a journalist who questioned her about the drama between her and her co-hostesses over a disagreement on the show. But Seales was also loved by viewers for being frank on important issues of society and pop culture. After Seales announced that he was leaving the show due to the threat of censorship, fans are showing their support.

Hosts ‘The Real via Twitter

Amanda Seales announces she did not renew her contract for “The Real” after six months at work

Jasmine Brand reported exclusively that Seales was chosen to be Tamar Braxton’s replacement after the daytime talk show depended on the remaining four hosts for two seasons after Braxton’s departure. Seales was added mid-season and officially began recording in January 2020.

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The incorporation of Seales was speculated about whether it would be fit, as it is open in everything related to racial inequality. Some fans felt that Seales would dominate her co-hostesses and that she was too good for the show, while others waited to see how things would unfold.

Seales’s perception was quite balanced, some believed she was too harsh with her co-stars, i.e. Jeannie Mai, and others praised her for adding a quality conversation around the race.

It seems that the viewers’ love of the intense conversations Seales had in the race is what ultimately led her not to renew her contract. During a live Instagram chat, he hinted that the network tried to censor their discussion of what is currently happening with the Black Lives Matter Movement and several protests taking place across the country.

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I didn’t renew it, because it doesn’t feel right for my soul to be in a place where I can’t talk to my people the way they need to be talked to. And where the people who are talking to me desperately are not being managed … I’m not in a space where, as a black woman, I can have my voice and my co-workers also have their voices and where the people at the top don’t respect the need for black voices to be on top too.

Fans are proud of Amanda Seales for taking a stand and leaving “The Real”

Although Seales expands the audience of the daytime talk show with her network of fans and colleagues, and the expectation that she will feel her absence, the show’s viewers express how proud they are of her for moving away from a platform she says no longer serves her, fans are glad that Seales left on her terms by refusing to remain silent about what matters to her.

“We love to see it! Come on @amandaseales, ” wrote a fanatic.

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“I am very proud @amandaseales to protect the tranquility here and continue to do everything possible to represent us in the most truthful way! I strive to have that level of integrity in my life,” he wrote another, along with a series of brown-hearted emojis.

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Many fans expressed that they felt that Seales brought some quality to the program that was previously missing.

“People don’t like @amandaseales because they talk [the] truth and that makes people uncomfortable, ” added one.

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“I really liked it on The Real, it made the show a little “smarter,” if you know what I mean,” one wrote.

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Others expressed their enthusiasm for what Seales can do next, especially as the conversation about race intensifies across the country.

“I think @amandaseales and @angela_rye would be good if they had a show together. Call it Say it out loud… because they’re annoying [sic] black and proud … noisy. I’d see it, ” wrote one.

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None of Seales’s co-hostesses or FOX has commented on his departure. This marks the second co-host who left the show, or in Braxton’s case he was fired.

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