Finally, children are ‘very small contaminators’, study says


Class day at a primary school in Mantes la Jolie, May 19, 2020 in the Yvelines department. — ISA HARSIN/SIPA

A 360-degree turn on the role of children in the spread of the epidemic? It seems that this is the case. While they were initially singled out, the children are said to be just “tiny contaminators,” according to a study by Professor Robert Cohen, vice-president of the French Paediatric Society and relayed on Thursday by Le Parisien.

This study was conducted in Ile-de-France by 27 paediatricians from 14 April to 12 May on 605 children. Robert Cohen says that children under the age of 15 are actually very uncons contagious: “When you identify a infected person and test their loved ones, you realize that children are two to five times less likely to carry the virus than adults.”

What explanations?

How do we explain this result? The professor makes several assumptions Le Parisien: “They seem to have fewer virus receptors on their nasal mucous membranes. Children may also be more protected because they have already caught other coronaviruses: this is cross-immunity. It’s like they’ve had a workout. More anecdotal, one wonders if their small size is not an asset: we do not receive their postillons in the face. »

For Robert Cohen, it is therefore necessary to speed up the return to school while continuing to strengthen the washing of hands.



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