Flemish “water and energy” premium already paid to more than 700,000 people


More than 700,000 (702,588) inhabitants of the Flemish Region have already received the single premium from the authorities “water and energy” of 202.68 euros set up by the Region to help those experiencing temporary unemployment in these times of coronavirusFlemish Minister Zuhal Demir (N-VA) said on Thursday.

This bonus is automatically granted to all those who are placed in economic unemployment, even partial, during the crisis Covid-19 pandemic. The amount corresponds to the average monthly water and energy bill of a Flemish household.

Similar aid non-existent in Wallonia

Flanders relies on Onem data to grant the bonus, which has already been paid to 702,588 people. Previous calculations put it at about 750,000 people in the requirement to receive it, demir said.

On the Walloon side, the opposition called for similar aid, without success. However, for Walloons, there is 40 euros in aid for water bills for workers who are temporarily unemployed as a result of the decisions of the National Security Council.

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