Flooding in Val-de-Marne: cars trapped on N 19


We’re going to have to pump thousands of cubic metres of water. The national road No 19 is cut off this Thursday between Bonneuil and Boissy-Saint-Léger, in the Val-de-Marne. Wednesday’s severe thunderstorms completely flooded the roadway, forcing firefighters to intervene at around 10 p.m. on Wednesday evening.

The Paris Fire Brigade had to rescue the driver of a car, which was fully submerged. “This person was trapped in his car, we brought him to safety,” the fire department said. A scene that stunned and frightened all motorists who were able to drive over the bridge and discovered the vehicles floating on the national highway.

Back to normal this Friday morning

On Wednesday evening, four cars and a hGV were trapped by rising waters. “When the storms are better anticipated, the road management of Ile-de-France, responsible for this national, moves to open a second set of valves that helps to empty the water in the bowl, but there it was not possible, regrets Régis Charbonnier, mayor PS of Boissy-Saint-Léger. We called everyone, so that they could act as quickly as possible. But it is a national road and it is well known that the resources given to the services of the State in recent years are not up to scratch… »

This Thursday, the road is still cut off for about a kilometer and its rehabilitation will require hours of pumping by the Ile-de-France Roads Directorate. The Dirif “aware of the inconvenience caused to motorists” assures that the necessary will be done in the night “for a reopening on Friday morning if the weather continues”. “The Dirif told us that the entire electrical cabinet that controls the pumping is under water, it is necessarily a long time to evacuate, restart the pumps and reopen safely,” says the commune of Boissy-Saint-Léger.

Boissy, this Thursday. LP/Arnaud Journois

In the meantime, motorists have to bypass the flooded portion and some took more than 2 hours on Thursday morning to travel 900 m. The RN19 is an essential axis of the road network in France: it provides the link between the two rocades: the A86 motorway and the Francilienne. The national supports traffic of more than 40,000 vehicles per day, including many HGVs. With each flood or other reason for cutting, traffic jams are immediate and numerous.

“Every time it rains, they close the road… kudos for the lack of evacuations! »

On Thursday afternoon, Sytadin still indicated a 27-minute travel time between the Pompadour junction in Créteil and junction N 406 and N 19 in Bonneuil, compared to the usual 6 minutes. “Two hours to make Villecresnes Maisons-Alfort is painful,” says Nicole. We could have been warned! »

This bowl-shaped stretch of road is regularly flooded, which inspers about motorists. By June 2018, severe thunderstorms had again flooded the entire basin, blocking traffic. “More great engineers who have developed this new road,” Sandra despairs. Every time it rains, they close the road… Kudos for the lack of evacuations! »

The Dirif, which recalls that these floods “have nothing to do with the detour work undertaken nearby”, promises that the pump automation system will be reviewed following this new episode. “It’s interesting to see car bombs like this, it’s very impressive,” says Stéphane, a motorist. I hope it doesn’t happen again, someone could have drowned. »

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