Former BVB professional Maximilian Philipp on 20 million transfer: “That’s unpleasant for me”


Maximilian Philipp does not like to think about the high transfer fee that Borussia Dortmund paid two years ago for his move from SC Freiburg. ‘I’m uncomfortable with that. What could be done with 20 million? But we players can’t pay anything for the prices that are paid for us. For me, however, it’s far too much”, the 26-year-old attacker, who now plays for Dynamo Moscow, told the Kicker.

In general, Philipp is critical of the huge sums that are circulating in professional football. However, he does not want to accept the assumption that the players have lost touch with reality as a result of the financial possibilities. “The prejudices will always exist, and of course there are always players who give rise to criticism by their appearance in public. But you shouldn’t lump everyone together, and you shouldn’t just judge on how someone presents themselves on social media, for example. I know a lot of players who are socially engaged without hanging it on the big bell.”

Philipp is involved through “Common Goal”

Like many of his colleagues, the former Bundesliga professional participates in the Common Goal initiative, in which players provide one percent of their income to charities. He explains: “I’ve donated before, as a footballer you only have the opportunity to give up some of the earnings. I really appreciate what I have, i don’t come from a family where the money has been thrown after me. Now I have the opportunity to give something away and help other people who are not doing so well.”

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From a sporting point of view, Philipp is now doing better after a rather joyless time at BVB. He has no regrets about moving to Russia, said the striker, who has scored seven times in 14 league appearances for Dynamo so far. Despite a contract until 2023, Philipp is still thinking of a return to the Bundesliga. “Yes, definitely. I am German, this is my home. I feel very comfortable here at Dynamo, but the homeland is still something else,” said the former U21 international.

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