Frankfurt Airport: Corona case on Lufthansa flight with 200 passengers – despite test


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It is Lufthansa’s first flight to China after the lockdown. Now there is certainty: A man on board was infected with the coronavirus.

  • A return flight to China departs from Frankfurt Airport*
  • On board is an unnoticed Corona* case
  • More Return flights are planned

Frankfurt/Tianjin – They have been stuck in Germany for about two months, now they want to Frankfur Airportt from finally back to China: Thousands of representatives of the German economy working in China.

Many of them were Corona pandemic fleeing the epicentre of China to Germany, but then in March Beijing closed the borders to foreigners and suspended visas – too much concern was the Coronavirus could be reintroduced to China, where hardly any new infections are known.

Corona case on Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt Airport to China

For the first time, the stranded business representatives or family members had the chance to return to China to fly. It had taken three weeks for the German Chamber of Commerce in China, in cooperation with the embassy, the Chinese authorities and the foreign ministers of both countries, to cancel the Lufthansa* special flight from Frankfurt Airport had organised. Due to the high demand, more flights are to follow.

But already on the first special flight, which was Frankfurt Airport landed in Tianjin in northeastern China on Saturday (05/30/2020), there was an unnoticed Corona-Case. It is true that all of the approximately 200 passengers from Germany were Frankfurt to the Coronavirus A 34-year-old man has been tested positive for a new test on the ground in China, the city’s health commission reported on Sunday. The engineer had no symptoms and was taken to a central quarantine facility for observation.

From Frankfurt Airport to China: Germans return to the Corona crisis

In any case, most of the passengers of the Lufthansa-Flight from Frankfurt Airport after their arrival in China quarantined for two weeks before being allowed to continue their journey.

However, this depends on the location: in some cases, business representatives are also allowed to travel directly if more relaxed Coronaregulations.

Frankfurt Airport: Another flight to China planned

Another Lufthansa-Return flight to China is scheduled for Wednesday (03.06.2020) from Frankfurt Airport planned to Shanghai. Around 2,000 to 2,500 people had expressed interest in returning to China in a survey conducted by the Chamber of Commerce. For the first time, the Chinese embassy approved new visas for the flights. Due to the high demand in the Coronacrisis, the Board is considering the possibility of further flights.

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