Freedom: “Lima authorities see pandemic from the desk” LRND Society


Institutions of the civil society of La Libertad criticized the low number of intensive care unit (ICU) beds promised to send the central government through the Ministry of Health (Minsa), to reinforce the fight against coronavirus.

In this regard, the president of the Regional Association of NGOs of La Libertad (Arolib), Irma Ganoza Macchiavello, noted that the 100 beds promised are insufficient and considered that no real data on the situation had been taken into account.

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“I think the Lima authorities have a look at the pandemic from the desk. Arequipa has just been offered 500 more beds for The Intensive Care Unit (ICU), having fewer cases of COVID and fewer deaths than in La Libertad. And having 450 thousand Settlers less than in our region,” Irma Ganoza said.

He regretted that La Libertad, with more population, more infected and more dyed by coronavirus, give us only 100 beds.

“How is that possible? Where is regional governor Manuel Llempén, where are our other authorities who have not managed a greater number of beds? It seems to me that there is a lack of management of our authorities,” Ganoza Macchiavello said.

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He recalled that the percentage of Infected in La Libertad is 0.07% of the total population.

While there are regions that have, relative to their population, an index of 0.4% or 0.3%; but because they have fewer populations, fewer cases of COVID.

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