20 minutes – Officials are said to have illegally confiscated cell phones from private detectives


Shading affair of Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse’s spy affair against its former employee Iqbal Khan has not yet ended.
For example, police officers from the Zurich Cantonal Police have to answer for the “illegal” confiscation of cell phones.

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Credit Suisse was followed by an employee when it learned that the employee would switch to the competition, Bank UBS.

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The employee concerned noticed the private investigators after only a short time and filed a complaint.

The employee concerned noticed the private investigators after only a short time and filed a complaint.


The employee was Iqbal Khan, who served as head of CS's international wealth management.

The employee was Iqbal Khan, who served as head of CS’s international wealth management.


  • Credit Suisse had a former employee shadowed.
  • The police, who are investigating the private detectives, are at risk of an abuse of office and property deprivation charge because they have not lawfully confiscated cell phones and computers.
  • The private investigators’ data is still sealed.

The shading affair of Credit Suisse is not yet over; proceedings are still ongoing against the private detectives and against the cantonal police involved in the case. Banker Iqbal Khan, a former employee of Credit Suisse, was shadowed by his employer in September 2019 when it was announced that he would switch to the competition, UBS. Khan himself noticed the shading in mid-September last year. He was even shadowed at his place of residence in Herrliberg ZH. The banker reacted promptly, took photos of the private investigators’ cars and then filed a complaint against unknown persons about “serious threats” and “coercion”.

A day later, investigators from the Zurich Cantonal Police arrest Khan’s surveillance officers and the two owners of the private detective agency, take DNA samples and confiscate the detectives’ cell phones. However, the cantonal police officers did not have a search warrant, which was doomed to the officials. That writes the “Blick” newspaper.

Cell phones and computers “illegally” confiscated

In mid-February, the District Court of Meilen ruled that the private investigator’s cell phone had been “illegally obtained” and the data should therefore not be evaluated. The cell phones of the owners of the private detective agency and the computers of the middleman who committed suicide after the scandal went public are still under lock and key.

The Zurich Compulsory Measures Court wanted to allow access to the devices, but the Federal Court ruled on May 27. The reason for the decision was that the private detectives were not properly heard. And the six Zurich cantonal police are also facing an investigation into confiscation and abuse of office. The private investigators filed criminal charges against the officials in December 2019.

Abuse investigation

The public prosecutor initially denied the complaint, but the Zurich High Court ruled otherwise on June 30. It should now be investigated against the police for abuse of office and deprivation of property.

The public prosecutor can lodge an appeal against the decision by the end of July. The responsible public prosecutor wants to do everything possible to gain insight into cell phone and computer data. She even encouraged Khan’s lawyer to extend the criminal complaint against the private detective agency to include several offenses, such as “eavesdropping and recording third-party conversations”, “unauthorized recording of conversations” and “breach of privacy or privacy by recording devices”.

However, what the analysis of the data should bring is questionable, since it is already clear that Credit Suisse has commissioned the private detective agency to shadow Khan. However, it is unclear who else was privy to the shadowing affair. It is speculated whether the former CEO Tidjane Thiam knew about it. However, this officially denied knowledge of the espionage.

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