A comet visible to the naked eye embellishes the sky


It is a beautiful spectacle that the sky offers us. Since July 3, the comet Neowise has been visible to the naked eye throughout the Northern Hemisphere. It hadn’t happened in over 20 years. Remember: it was in 1997, when Hale-Bopp passed by. Discovered at the end of March by a NASA satellite, the comet Neowise is a nucleus formed of ice, rocks and organic materials.

Robert Uebersax, member of the Jurassic Astronomical Society (SJA), gave us some advice to be able to observe the comet at best: go to a place where the northern horizon is very clear, if possible in the mountains or medium mountains. And the most important thing: that there is no stray light.

It would be tempting to go to the Vicques observatory to admire the celestial body, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was impossible to accommodate groups of visitors. In addition, the property is a bit low, 500 meters. “From 800 meters, it’s good, 1,000 meters is better,” says Robert Uebersax. So for now, get out of your house, roll your eyes … and admire. / ech

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