A US athlete ‘smashes’ a Usain Bolt world record and is greatly disappointed


Noah Lyles beat the Jamaican record in the 200-meter dash, but had only run 185.

The American athlete Noah Lyles thought that he had broken the world record of the Jamaican Usain Bolt by finishing a 200-meter dash in less than 19 seconds on July 9, but that ‘feat’ was invalidated because he had run less distance, Sky Sports reports.

This confusion took place during the Inspiration Games that Zurich (Switzerland) had to host as part of the Athletics Diamond League, but due to the covid-19 global pandemic runners participated from their countries.

Noah Lyles faced Dutchman Churandy Martina and Frenchman Christophe Lemaitre and, to the general surprise, crossed the finish line much earlier than his rivals: in 18.90 seconds, 40 hundredths less than the 19.20 that Usain Bolt established in the Athletics World Cup that Berlin (Germany) hosted in 2009.

However, soon after it was discovered that the 200-meter champion at last year’s Doha World Cup (Qatar) I had only run 185 because he started on a wrong starting line and later regretted on Twitter that they shouldn’t play with their emotions that way.

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