a version signed George Lucas better than the original film?


According to rumors of hallways in Hollywood, a different version of Skywalker’s Ascension directed by George Lucas exists somewhere at Lucasfilm. And it would be very different from the film released in theaters.
This rumor could give new hope to fans disappointed with the original film, or could simply be the result of their hopes. No official information confirms the existence of this Lucas Cut, but the sources behind this information state that it was shown to important people in the community.

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Also according to these informants, the version of George Lucas would be 40% different from that of Abrams. It would therefore include many cut scenes, including several with actor Hayden Christensen. The latter would indeed appear in the guise of the ghost of Anakin’s Force alongside Rey, to whom he would explain how Palpatine survived in Return of the Jedi. Another cut scene would also bring together Kylo Ren, Han Solo, Leia and Luke.

Star Wars The Ascension of Skywalker: Dark Rey was Mark Hamill’s Dream

Lucasfilm CEO reportedly rejected this version of Star Wars 9

Unsurprisingly, the person who would be responsible for abandoning this version would Kathleen Kennedy, PDG of Lucasfilm. After the very mixed reception received L’Ascension de Skywalker, Kennedy was again singled out, and some began to say that she would soon leave her post. But the boss of Lucasfilm is still there, and always seems to be pulling the strings of the various Star Wars series projects in progress.

All these theories are therefore to be taken with tweezers. With the craze around the release of the Snyder Cut Justice League, cinema lovers certainly have more and more hopes of seeing better versions of the films that disappointed them when they are released. For the moment, however, we will have to be content with L’Ascension de Skywalker as Abrams imagined it. Unless this rumor in turn launches a petition to get out, if it exists, the Lucas Cut from the film. Last February, a petition for a long version signed Abrams was launched, but received no feedback from Lucasfilm.

Star Wars 9: Palpatine is just a Clone in Skywalker’s Ascension

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