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The channel resumes, on July 20 at 9:05 p.m., the broadcast of unseen episodes of season 2 of the Canadian crime series worn by Kristin Lehman.

France 2 offers the sequel to the unreleased series of season 2 of Motive , from episode 8, in which the young manager of a rehearsal studio was killed during a sex game that allegedly went wrong. Of course, appearances are misleading. The originality of this Canadian police series, is that, as in Columbo , we know from the start of each episode the identity of the culprit and the victim. On the other hand, we do not know how or why they got there, which necessarily piques the viewer’s curiosity.

The motivations of a killer

The whole stake thus lies in the motivations, the motive («motive» in English) of the killer, especially since each time nothing seems to connect, at first glance, the two people involved. One of the strengths of Motive is that, regardless of whether or not you know the main characters of the series, it is still fun to follow and is rather addictive. The action takes place at the heart of Vancouver Police and the ground of their investigations. The heroine is the brilliant detective Angie Flynn (Kristin Lehman, seen in The Killing ), a single mother who doesn’t let it down. We also find Lauren Holly, former of the series NCIS , who plays Dr Betty Rogers, a sexy medical examiner with a rather radical sense of humor. Creator of Motive, Daniel Cerone has always been intrigued by the reasons that lead one person to kill another. He came up with the idea for his series based on his personal fascination with high-profile crimes, such as those in the OJ Simpson case.

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One of the red threads of this season is Angie’s past. While she was a simple police officer, she and her teammate made a mistake. Under the influence, Angie lied and finds herself subpoenaed in a lawsuit related to the case. You have to wait for the last episode of the season to find out, via a flashback, what really happened.

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