After cross complaints and debt claims, IOMA cut ties with a medical entity that cares for 300,000 people from La Plata


The provincial entities associated with IOMA affirm that the Buenos Aires social work owes them more than two months of benefits. Source: Archive

After weeks of cross-denouncing, marches and a service strike, the

Medical Work Institute (IOMA)

he cut his agreement with the

Platense Medical Association (AMP)

, after 60 years of bonding.

The decision, formalized on Wednesday,

it leaves 5,000 doctors – who attend 300,000 IOMA affiliates – without an entity to question the provincial government.

It occurs in the framework of a generalized conflict between Buenos Aires social work and associated organizations, given the

late payments and failure to update medical fees

, among other reasons.

In dialogue with


, the president of Buenos Aires social work,

Homer Giles

, argued that

“It drops to membership as a payer and administrator, but its representativeness to negotiate on behalf of medical personnel will continue to be recognized.”

That is, from the institution they would be willing to discuss matters with the AMP – such as the value of the fees – but, from now on,

Each doctor must manage their payments and direct billings with IOMA.

The measure caused the rejection of the majority of the associates of the AMP. “In the AMP we take care of billing, paying and solving administrative issues. Doctors cannot waste time working in all that bureaucracy,” he explained to




secretary of the platense union.

In late June,

IOMA had denounced the AMP

for mismanagement, before a

alleged fraud

, up to eight million pesos, in which 12 associate professionals would be involved. “A crazy complaint – according to

Jorge Cruz Varallo,

president of the entity from La Plata, in which some patients do not even say they remember who treated them. ”

Fear of possible “pamization”

Added to the complaint was the ghost of a possible

“pamizacion” of IOMA

, in which

the member would be prevented from freely choosing the doctor and the place of care.

The conflict triggered a massive demonstration led by the AMP -on June 30, in which 6,000 cars participated-, followed by two failed instances of negotiation, two days of strike and, finally, the abolition of the agreement, by unilateral decision of IOMA.

To carry out this structural reform, IOMA needs to break with the intermediate entities

and generate an own list of direct providers. Adding to the critical situation that private clinics are going through, which the province could take advantage of, buying their share packages, “argued Varallo.

IOMA President Homero Giles announced the termination of the agreement with the Platense Medical Association in a joint press conference with the Buenos Aires Minister of Health, Daniel Gollan Credit: Source: Facebook

The rumor about the change of axis of Buenos Aires social work was unleashed when it was announced that

IOMA acquired a clinic in Temperley

and that he would have started negotiations to buy the Diagnostic Institute of La Plata, milestones that immediately caused a stir in the health sector.

They stay with cast clinics and put their own doctors

. Patients choose to be seen there, above other places, because they are not required a copayment. This pauperises the IOMA market, which has

two million affiliates in the province

“indicated a source from the Buenos Aires medical circle.

On this point, the President of IOMA told


“The Temperley sanitarium was rented to respond to the pandemic, since we needed beds; but no one is obliged to attend there.”

Regarding the possible acquisition of other clinics, Giles said they received several “word” offers, but

“the institution does not have the resources to invest in its own centers; to have the tools, of course we would be willing


For his part,

Marcelo Cardelli

, actual

IOMA chief of staff and former deputy director of

PAMI during Kirchnerism, repudiated the stigmatization of the social work of retirees:

“There is talk that we came to pamizar, as if PAMI was a bad word”

, he said, days ago, in dialogue with Radio Provincia.

Opposition response

Two weeks ago, the

Buenos Aires legislators of Together for Change

they issued a statement to

Put a brake on

to the alleged intention of IOMA to prevent its affiliates the right to free choice of the professional.

“What is being mentioned is a benefit guaranteed by law, which

it is only possible to modify it if it is presented in the Legislature

, which, for the moment, did not happen, “they maintained.

The senator

Juan Pablo Allan

explained to


that the message “was anticipatory, so that they know that they are not going to pass by here.” However, Allan cautioned that

“If they keep taking shortcuts and buying clinics, we won’t be able to do anything”


Debt with providers

Amid the controversy between the AMP and IOMA, the

Argentine Association of Surgery (AAC)

Last Friday, he sent a letter to the provincial authorities declaring himself “in labor conflict” with IOMA.

IOMA has been late paying for six months

. You owe the benefits made in April and previous months. It even owes practices from July 2019, “says the statement, signed by

Roberto Cerutti and Enrique Ortiz,

president and vice president of the AAC.

Another source linked to intermediate entities in the health sector, told


that “the last month paid was March and it is July. IOMA started with the catch-up speech, but has not done so yet.” In addition, the source added: “This worsens with the lack of update of

fees, which have not been revised since October 2019


Despite the statements made by the providers, Giles said that “IOMA is up to date with all payments” and “only the update of values ​​remains.” The only delay, as indicated, is with the AMP and is due to the conflict through.


president of the Buenos Aires social work

He stated: “There is cash and even a little positive balance; but due to the pandemic

we are at 30% of the productive capacity

in bureaucratic terms. ”


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