After the great victory, what does Leeds de Bielsa need to advance to the Premier League on Thursday?


Less is missing. All the anguish accumulated by the tension in the definition, added to the ghosts that still fly over the frustration of last season, seems to have escaped with that goal on the hour of Pablo Hernandez who gave the Leeds 1-0 to Marcelo Bielsa on the Swansea. But there is still a bit of work to do to get promoted to the Premier League after 16 years of waiting, something that it could be consummated this Thursday if some results are given.

Leeds leads the tournament with 84 points and beats West Bromwich Albion by three units and Brentford by six, in a tournament that grants direct promotion to the first two. The third ticket to the Premier remains the winner of a home run in which the teams located between the third and sixth place take part. Those places are held by Brentford (78), Fulham (76), Nottingham Forest (69) and Cardiff City (64).

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Three dates from the end of the contest, Bielsas team has destiny in their hands: if you get 4 of the 9 points in dispute, will ascend no matter what their rivals do. But the expected outcome could materialize this Thursday: if Leeds wins and Brentford doesn’t, promotion will be a reality. And the consecration could even come with a draw.

The leader’s next presentation will be on Thursday from 13, when he receives Barnsley, who is last in the standings. As happened on this date, he will present himself knowing the results of his pursuers, since Albion will receive Fulham on Tuesday, while Brentford will receive Preston on Wednesday.

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Leeds de Bielsa thrashed and was one step away from promotion

The urgency generated by the three-month hiatus imposed by the coronavirus pandemic means that there are almost no breaks in the final stretch of one of the longest tournaments on the planet (it has 46 dates). So there will be He dates again during the week and then Leeds could finalize his promotion.

Leeds will not be able to consecrate before stepping onto the pitch on Thursday. With a Brentford draw, you will have a chance to move up if you win. AND if Brentford loses and Fulham does not win, even a home draw will allow him to celebrate.

Marcelo Bielsa is in his second season in charge of Leeds United.

Marcelo Bielsa is in his second season in charge of Leeds United.

Founded 100 years ago, Leeds is a club with a rich history in the United Kingdom and also well established in continental competitions. He won the English league three times (the last, in 1992, in the last competition prior to the launch of the Premier League), twice the defunct European Fair Cup and he even played in a final of the old Champions Cup, who lost to Bayern Munich in 1975.

However, in 2004 he went down to the second division and since then he was never able to return to the highest category of English football. He even played three seasons in the third division, between 2007 and 2010. Last year, under Bielsas management, he finished third, having held direct promotion positions for much of the tournament, and fell to Derby County in the semi-finals of the home run. for the third ascent.

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