an amusement park recommends … not to shout in the roller coaster to fight against the Covid-19


To raise awareness of barrier gestures in front of the Covid-19, two managers of a Japanese amusement park filmed themselves enduring a roller coaster in silence: visitors have received the message of this funny tutorial, says a spokesperson. .

The video shows two park leaders, one in a suit and tie, the other in a shirt and bow tie, going through a roller coaster ride while remaining perfectly stoic, apart from one of them readjusting his mask from time to time. or her hair. At the end of the video, published last month, appears a slogan on a black background: “Thank you for shouting inside you”.

“Now our customers remain silent during the roller coaster,” a spokesman for Fujikyuko, the operator of the Fuji-Q Highland amusement park, at the foot of Mount Fuji (west of Tokyo), told AFP on Tuesday. .

A code of good practice

Amusement parks have reopened in Japan since last month after adopting a code of good practice in the face of the pandemic, notably banning loud talk or shouting at attractions, to avoid spreading postilions.

As some customers have complained that it was “difficult” if not impossible, Fuji-Q Highland wanted to set a “good example” with this video, the operator said on its website.

You might as well be tongue-in-cheek to the end: its visitors cashing in on their roller coasters without flinching, the park promises a discount on the souvenir photos sold at the end of the route.

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