Animal Crossing New Horizons: Visitor behavior changed after summer update


New Visiting Times – Summer Update turns animal visitor behavior in Animal Crossing New Horizons upside down. Dataminer Ninji educates Nintendo Switch players.

  • Animal Crossing New Horizons was released on March 20, 2020.
  • Nintendo recently published the Summer update.
  • data Miner Ninji shows the Playerswhen exactly that Visitor come.

Kyoto, Japan – Released a few days ago Nintendo the Summer update For Animal Crossing New Horizons. During June, the wedding season in Animal Crossing New Horizons not many innovations for the player kept ready, surprised Nintendo now with the integration of two long-desired features. In addition, two new visitors were found in Animal Crossing New Horizons. The Summer update however also changed existing systems, such as the Visitor algorithm. So certain appear Visitor now in a different rhythm on the island of player. Of the Dataminer Ninji clarifies.

Release (date of first publication) March 20, 2020
Publisher Nintendo
Serie Animal Crossing
platform Nintendo Switch
developer Nintendo
Genre Simulation

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Summer update changes visitor algorithm

After the summer update for Animal Crossing New Horizons Players finally enabled swimming and diving in the ocean and introduced the marine animals that the player in the museum, discovered in the Animal Crossing New Horizons-Szene known Dataminer Ninji now some changes in the code of the game for the Nintendo Switch. Not only are snorkels, diving goggles and diving suits available in Animal Crossing New Horizons, but also completely new, seasonal DIY instructions. While Nintendo out Kyoto in a trailer for Summer update announced these features publicly, but hides more in the game. Of the Dataminer Ninji discovered, for example, a changed one Visitor algorithm and now explains this to Players.

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Welcome visitors – Dataminer leaks new times

© Nintendo / Montage

He shares on Twitter Dataminer Ninji different information about Nintendos Animal Crossing New Horizons with the Players. While completing a bachelor’s degree in programming, he also developed the weather tool for Animal Crossing New Horizons players. He also found shortly after the release of Nintendos cute simulation on March 20, 2020 out what the player might expect update content in the future. After the appearance of the Summer updates he went back to examining the game and discovered a new one Visitor algorithm. That means that Visitor on the islands of the player now appear according to a new scheme (All about Animal Crossing).

Animal Crossing New Horizons: New visitors to the Nintendo Switch

While our guide to the visitors in Animal Crossing New Hoizons reveals the exact times and times as well as an overview of the random system in Animal Crossing New Horizons there, works Nintendo constant changes and improvements. This now also applies to the Visitor algorithm. In a clear graphic, he noted Dataminer Ninji his research results. Surprising information came to light. Accordingly, there is no longer any guarantee that Schubert, Aziza and Gerd will be at the Animal Crossing New Horizons-Insel of the player Pop up. This innovation aims at a better distribution of the Visitor be guaranteed because now with the Summer update two new ones Visitor have been added.

One of the new ones Visitor in Nintendos Animal Crossing New Horizonswho with the Summer update came into play is Pascal. The red beaver loves scallops and offers that Players an exchange after finding such a shell. In return, you either get a new DIY guide or a pearl that you can use as a crafting resource. As the second new one Visitor a variation of Gulliver now appears. The stranded seagull now wears pirate clothing and rewards the helpful player with brand new items. Both the “old” Gulliver and the “new” Gulliver, also called Gullivarr, can both appear within a week, but not on two consecutive days.

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Nintendo is changing visitor rhythm

The pirate Gulliver, who has now been Nintendos Summer Update in Animal Crossing New Horizons washed up on the beach, the player unlock with the purchase of a diving suit. From then on, Gulliver’s appearance changes with everyone else Visitors the island. If an insectic or fishing tournament also takes place on a Saturday, KK will no longer visit the island on Friday, but on Sunday. On this day, by the way, Yorna still appears with her beets every week. Otherwise, as before, there is also the possibility that the owl ghost or owl Eufemia appear one night a week due to increased falling stars in Animal Crossing New Horizons. But this happens only by chance and does not follow a fixed rhythm. Our Animal Crossing New Horizons review shows why the Nintendo game is popular around the world.

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