Apple begins production of this model in India


IPhone 11s are also being produced in India, a sign of Apple’s growing commitment to diversify its product lines.

Apple would start producing its premium products at the Foxconn factory near Chennai. This is the first time that a premium product has been made in India. This is therefore a boost for the “Make in India” initiative proposed by the local government, which offers companies incentives and bonuses of up to 6%.

The report suggests that Apple may decide to export iPhones made in India to other countries as well. In fact, the convenience for the Cupertino firm would lie precisely in selling products made locally in India. Thus, it would save about 22% on import tax.

After the crisis caused by COVID-19, which initially started in China, Apple decided to diversify its production lines as much as possible so as not to be totally dependent on China and certain regions of Asia.

Recall that, until now, only a few models were produced in India, such as the iPhone XR. In fact, this step is really significant since it includes the flagship products of the category such as the iPhone 11.

Finally, the report states that Apple may also decide to manufacture 2020 iPhone SEs in India. Perhaps in the same Wistron factory that had already given birth to previous iPhone SEs.

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