“Arturo Vidal has Barca DNA to give, give and share”


Arturo Vidal has been strengthened in Barcelona after confinement. Goals, startings, minutes of play and confidence. A waste of talent, but also of physique and effort, the quality that is valued the most. Behind the capabilities exhibited by the midfielder is somehow another Chilean, Juan Ramirez (42), his personal physical trainer for several years, who kept him ready also during the running of the bulls.

Is VIdal work or a gifted physicist?

Arturo has worked since the formation with many preparers. At Leverkusen and Juventus he finished developing his physical potential. As a child, he did not stand out mainly for a physical aspect, but for his competitive spirit, his fight, not giving up. Here the main manager of his ability is Arturo, his formative stage, his concern, his development and his sportsmanship.

You take it in Munich. What has contributed to this physical waste?

We generate a working triangle, from the preventive aspect as the main element. Then functional strength in the sport he performs. And then the aerobic condition, which is the predominant one of him and it feels very good to develop it.

Vidal passed through Chile, Italy, Germany and Spain. What differences in physical demands do these leagues have?

In Italy there is a main development from the physical and the tactical. In Germany there is a more methodological aspect, of order, of work, of looking for the balance point of each soccer player. They seek the scientific, the development of qualities from different evaluations and work methodologies, which are mainly in order. And here in Spain it goes from the main, which is the technical, based on the tactical, and end in the physical.

Is not the physical preparation of each club enough? Why a personal PF?

What we work on is one more contribution, it has no relation if they train more or less. Arturos work focuses on the present and also on the future, so that he can sustain his career longer and extend his efforts not only for today, but for the future. He is not the only footballer who works with a personal trainer, there are those who have physical therapists and even psychologists. Arturo believes that a personal trainer is necessary in his recovery and training.

Do you speak with Barcelona?

Yes. Every day I have communication with the people of Barcelona. They keep me informed of what Arturo has done, the volumes of the loads he carries in training and games. I also keep you informed of the work you do in a particular way. They also pass me the workouts in most cases. It is a very professional job. I maintain constant contact with the medical, nutritional and physical areas.

Does it interfere with food issues?

I have a relationship with the nutritionist, who gives me eating guidelines. In exceptional cases such as now, highly competitive with closely followed games, I request a minute and send it to the cook. Arturo not only has a physical trainer, he also has his cook, with a space to retrieve and machines. It is well approached from all areas.

After the quarantine, overweight or low-level players were seen. Vidal came like a bull. What did?

The main manager was Arturo himself. Then the club and my participation from the professional aspect. We had a routine that went from two to three sessions a day. In 52 days of confinement, Arturo did more than 63 trainings. I trained from Monday to Saturday and the sessions ranged from 45 minutes to an hour. In a disciplined way, he started training at 8.00 and we finished at 9.30 or 10.00. Then he would rest in his hyperbaric chamber, have lunch, rest, do things with his friends at home, and we would train again at six in the afternoon. When we did three sessions they were at 8:00, 16:00 and 20:00. So for fifty-one days. A hand job with the club was developed.

Did you run it in person?

Yes, I was with him every day. I live nearby, five minutes. Sometimes I have my room at home and I stay there when required.

As in quarantine.

Yes, most of the time.

He even made a challenge, the 10 kilometer challenge. Whose idea was it?

From Arturo. He started doing a time job where he recovered and I demanded that this recovery be at a speed. The issue was that he started to recover at a very high speed and to do the work at a much higher speed. When he saw that we had a good distance in a short time he asked me to continue up to 10 kilometers. It did it in 38 minutes, and it could even have done it without any problem in 35. It recovered at a speed of 18 or 17 kilometers per hour, too high to sustain it for two minutes and then at 23 kilometers per hour, four to five minutes.

How fast can Vidal go?

After each game and training, they give us speeds, distances and intensities in which he works. It is very relative, because it can exceed 30 kilometers per hour in a match, but they are not long distances. The important thing is to hold long distances at high speeds. The volume of speed at high distance is important in soccer players. Many believe that running more is very important and no, what is important is running more at high intensity. Today Arturo has managed to run more at high intensity than running more distance in a match.

What about weight and body fat?

Arturo is in a perfect state of shape, an ideal weight according to what can be demanded in his ability. It has perfect percentages of fat and muscle mass, which allow it to stay well and not injure itself.

Does Barca DNA require physics or is it measured only in technique?

On that of the Barca DNA … Arturo has developed in three of the most competitive leagues in Europe and has excelled in all of them. He can hit with both legs, he has a shot, a header, a recovery, a good ball delivery, a spectacular technique. You refine your gaze on the physical aspect, but you cannot ignore the technical qualities that it has. Barca has DNA to give, give and share for a long time to come.

How much does Arturo Vidal have left?

It is difficult to give an exact date until when Arturo can decline his career to another competitive level. Today with 33 years he remains in the elite and being important. Just as he goes and takes care of himself, how he leads his career and his professional life, we can indeed expect him to have a much longer career in football. If the physique and injuries allow him to stay at this level, Arturo not only for La Roja, but to compete in major leagues, he has enough time left.

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