Ashes of 250 compatriots killed by Covid-19 arrive in the US


In this way, tribute is also paid to the more than 1,500 Mexicans who have died of Coronavirus outside the country. Photo: Ernesto Mendez


Shortly before 9 p.m. they arrived in Mexico from New York, the remains of the 250 Mexicans who died of Covid-19 in the United States.

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The urns with the ashes of the compatriots they arrived in a airplane of the Mexican Air Force, and little by little Foreign Ministry staff they were lowered to perform a ceremony in the Army hangar at the Mexico City International Airport.

Relatives, representatives of state governments and soldiers held an honor guard next to the remains, where a Mexican flag and flower arrangements were placed.

Roberto Velasco, General Director for North America of the Ministry of Foreign Relations (SRE), He said that this is the way in which Mexico thanks the migrants how much they contribute from abroad.

“And of course also to give comfort to their families, to be able to say goodbye to them in their land,” he said.

He noted that in this way also tribute is paid to the more than 1,500 Mexicans who have died of Coronavirus outside the country.

He Consul of Mexico in New York, Jorge Islas Lopez He assured that the countrymen finally arrive at their land to rest in peace, after having died in the line of duty to support their families.

“Today is a sad day because 250 compatriots who died arrive in Mexico, most of them alone and isolated as a result of the fulfillment of their duty and their work to support their families both in the United States and in Mexico, but nevertheless , It is a day that will give us peace and haven for all, because they come to their homeland, to finally rest, to rest in peace and to return to their homeland, “he said.

The representative of Puebla government informed that the entities would immediately leave for the entity 104 Puebla ballot boxes that died of Coronavirus in the United States to be delivered to their relatives.


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