Bavaria: Apparition in the night sky – Spectacular pictures show the space phenomenon


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A comet specialist takes unusual shots in the night sky in Upper Bavaria. He photographed the rare comet “Neowise”, which can be seen in July.

  • Impressive shots on Night sky come to a comet specialist Oberbayern.
  • The Photos show the rare Comets Neowise“.
  • The appearance of the sky can still be seen – the Amateur-Astronomer reveals how.

Update from July 10th: It was also in the night on Friday CometNeowiseTo see. Again there were the rare, shining night clouds, but this time they didn’t cover the comet and you could see it in all its glory, with a much longer tail, reports Michael Risch.

Unusual sky spectacle: The comet was also visible in the night on Friday.

© Michael Risch, Mammendorf

Now that it is getting closer to the earth, it is getting bigger every day, but fainter and fainter sky has to be quite dark to see him. Until the 14th it is still visible from 3 a.m. in the morning sky in the northeast, then in the evening after sunset in the evening sky in the southwest.

Apparition in the night sky in Bavaria: Spectacular photos show the space phenomenon

First report from July 9th

Mammendorf – Whoever is for Astronomy enthusiastic, can see amazing things in the Upper Bavarian night sky these days – predicts Michael Risch, Comet specialist from Baader Planetarium.

At Mammendorf, the amateur astronomer gets astonishing pictures, which according to his information show the comet “Neowise”. This rare guest in the night sky can be seen in July with binoculars or even with the naked eye. The comet, the name C/2020 F3 was only discovered in March by the “Wise” space telescope. Now he is also in the region Furstenfeldbruck to see, says Risch.

Appearance in the Upper Bavarian night sky: Spectacular photos show rare comet “Neowise”

Some of his recordings that the Hobby Astronomer sent to the editors show not only that Comets Neowise“, But also the” rare, so-called,Luminous Night clouds‘”. As the amateur astronomer explains, these are caused by “ice crystals on meteorite dust at a height of 80 km in the atmosphere”. Normal Clouds are only about 20 kilometers high in comparison.

The “Glowing Night Clouds” can be seen together with the comet “Neowise”.

© Michael Risch, Mammendorf

“Of the Comet in the middle is somewhere between the sun and earth, it follows its own path through the solar system. The Stars At the top right are light years away and are actually standing still, but the earth’s rotation moves them out of the picture, ”he adds to his photos.

Mammendorf: Sky observer photographs comet “Neowise” – appearance can still be seen

To do that Heaven spectacle to observe, the astrophotography ventured out on Wednesday morning (July 8th) between three and three-four in the morning. In the coming days he will get up again around two oclock Comets am sky to experience. “He can be seen every day and has become even stronger,” he explains. “With binoculars or even with the naked eye ”he said Region Furstenfeldbruck well visible when looking for Northeast look.

Like Risch, whoAstronomy“Also gives lectures and joined the association of amateur stronomers in Saarland in 1981, he explains Comet Neowise“To be seen in the sky in the evening from July 14th. “But then less bright,” he says. Who that Celestial event so want to experience fully, should get up early like Risch. (no)

In April of this year, a rare event was observed. You could see the Lyrids, a falling star shower from the constellation Lyra. Also in April was a fireball over Bavaria * – the celestial body caused a stir *. (* is part of the Ippen editorial network.)

List of rubric lists: © Michael Risch, Mammendorf

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