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Will Geneva soon be declared a risk area? According to federal criteria, the canton is only slightly below the threshold for quarantine countries.

In no other canton has the number of corona cases increased as much as in Geneva. The canton of western Switzerland has recorded 295 new infections with the corona virus in the past two weeks. That is 59 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants.

Geneva is thus only slightly below the federal threshold for risk countries, as the “Tagesanzeiger” reports. If a country reports more than 60 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within 14 days, it is considered a risk country. Travelers who have been to such countries or regions in the past 14 days must quarantine for ten days after entering Switzerland.

Quarantine is hardly feasible

Geneva could soon exceed the risk threshold. However, this will hardly have any consequences. A quarantine requirement for individual cantons can hardly be implemented. However, it would be conceivable that other countries put the canton of Geneva on a risk list.

With 59 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants, Geneva is significantly above the Swiss average, which is currently 17 new infections. The canton of Graubunden registers the second most new infections within 14 days, but at 31 there are only half as many as in Geneva.

Ball in the cantons

The Federal Office of Public Health monitors the situation in Geneva, but emphasizes to SRF the importance of regional measures.

The ball therefore remains with the cantons. The Geneva authorities have now reacted to the increasing number of new infections. As in the cantons of Vaud and Jura, a mask requirement has been in effect in all shops in Geneva since Tuesday.

We wanted to send a clear signal to the population: the virus is still there.

Hand disinfection is mandatory when entering shops and publicly accessible rooms. In addition, the service staff in restaurants, bars and clubs must wear a mask and stricter rules apply when contacting discos.

«We know that the virus spreads well indoors. We wanted to send a clear signal to the population: the virus is still there, »says Geneva Health Minister Mauro Poggia.

Closure of the clubs is becoming more and more likely

Cantonal doctor Jacque-Andre Romand explains the increasing number of cases with Genevas internationality. «Geneva is a city with a lot of young people. In addition, there is a border and there are many border crossings. And it’s an urban zone. »

According to Romand, the number of infections rose sharply, especially among 20 to 49 year olds. One reason for this are bars and night clubs, which are considered a source of infection in Geneva. At least 20 people were infected with the corona virus at a rooftop party last weekend, according to 20 minutes.

Accordingly, the Geneva authorities remain vigilant. If the measures imposed so far do not work, Health Minister Mauro Poggia is considering closing the discotheques.

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