Bol Bol’s new Dantesque counterpart


Despite his 2m18, Bol Bol has a certain ease on the floor. Counter his opponents and follow with a three points? It is disconcertingly easy for the pivot of the Nuggets.

The Nuggets were back on the court this Monday night for the last time in this preparation. The perfect opportunity for Mike Malone to test new things, but also to give Bol Bol some playing time. The latter is gaining momentum, and it has just confirmed it.

Facing the Magic, Denver lost (114-110). Not very important for the Nuggets, especially when Bol Bol continues to have fun in the middle of preparation.

After two big games to start in Orlando, the pivot shows what he is capable of. Author of 15 points on his last outing, he was more discreet here, leaving Jamal Murray to catch fire. Not enough to prevent him from releasing a huge counter in the last quarter, and one wonders how he went to look for it.

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We can also see a certain ease at three points. If Bol manages to plant behind the arc regularly during his career, he could quickly become unstoppable. The Nuggets must in any case be delighted with all these highlights.

We do not yet know the future playing time of Bol Bol during the playoffs, but we imagine that his coach will give him a chance. It is up to him to respond, whether as a pivot or … as a winger.

Bol Bol completes its preparation perfectly. Everything is promising, and that’s saying something.

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