Brawl between passengers and employees on board a French ferry over an error in the allocation of cabins (video)


On the Corsica Ferries ferry, passengers and crew members came to blows. All because of a computer problem.

The crossing between Ajaccio and Toulon was animated aboard the Mega Andrea this Thursday July 16. Boarded at around 10 p.m., some passengers on the ferry, which arrived from Porto-Vecchio, found themselves without a cabin, even though they had booked it beforehand. Indeed, several cabins, normally reserved by these people, were already occupied by travelers mounted in Porto-Vecchio.

Unhappy, the injured passengers then went to complain to the cabin crew. ” The tone quickly rose at the reception because the staff was obviously overwhelmed and no information was given to us for a long time A young passenger told the Corse Matin newspaper on Friday morning.

Unfortunately, the travelers, irritated by the situation, did not calm down. According to the same witness, things went wrong when a passenger wanted to film the exchanges between the two parties, and that a ferry employee wanted to prevent it. Some passengers then attacked the crew members, who replied. Hits were lost, and jostling took place, as shown by the footage filmed by a person on board.

A few hours later, the problem was resolved. If some passengers were unable to enter their cabin, it was due to a computer error, the automatic cabin allocation system having had a problem, which had to be corrected manually.

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