Cadiz, with the Honduran ‘Choco Lozano, promoted to the First Division of Spain – Diez


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It’s official! The historical Cadiz return to League of Spain 15 years later. The Cadista club, where the Honduran plays Antony ‘Choco Lozano, got his promotion after the defeat of the Real Zaragoza before him Real oviedo (2-4).

After failing at home to Fuenlabrada last Saturday falling 0-1 and thus lengthening the agony of getting promoted, today it was confirmed with the goals of Samuel Screwdriver, Marco Sangalli, Alfredo Ortuno and from the Panamanian Édgar Barcenas, who gave the triumph to the Carbayones and incidentally, the ascent to Cadiz.

The fall of the hands of the Real Zaragoza, third in the classification, makes the Cadiz is unreachable by other competitors, making his position in the league of privilege of Spain it’s official.

The yellow team, led by Alvaro Cervera, is the leader of the SmartBank League, and is one triumph away from also obtaining the title of the Spanish second division. They have 69 points, while the Huesca He has 64 and two days to go.

Choco Lozano was consecrated as a key piece in the last phase of the tournament with the Cadiz by consolidating two vital victories scoring three of his 10 goals in the season, so his name was bathed in gold letters and will be marked in history as the architect of this rise to the elite.

The Honduran gunner, who is owned by the Girona FC and for which the cadista club must pay 2.5 million euros, is so far the second best scorer of the club, only below Alex, who has 12 goals, two more than Lozano.

Cadiz, remembered in Central America and more in The Savior for having been the home of the cuscatleco crack Magical Gonzalez, has within its history another native of the region who has more than paid for the trust they placed in him; Choco Lozano.

The Yellow Submarine, as it is also known, now has the pending subject to win the champion’s cup, for that, it has two more finals left. Before him Girona FC, visiting on June 17 and 20 at home in front of the Albacete.

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