Call of Duty 2020: Campaign, maps, zombies, the latest rumors on the next game


New rumors, to be taken with tweezers, have just fallen on the next Call of Duty. Campaign locations, multiplayer maps, zombie mode, we’ll share all the details you need to know.

Call of Duty 2020 was formalized at the beginning of the year by Activision. Since then, few announcements, but a lot of rumors and speculation. It’s been a few months since a game codenamed “The Red Door” made its debut on the PlayStation and Microsoft stores. On this first, it was accompanied by the mention “COD2020INTALPHA1”. The dataminers, who think of a file indicating an alpha for CoD, have also reportedly updated its content: it would actually be called Black Ops: Cold War, and would take place in Vietnam, during the Cold War. Since, thanks to these files, the Net surfer Prototype Warehouse would have got his hands on the code of the title and reveals to us this week a lot of other details which agree with the first rumors.

The Cold War campaign would plant its framework in Vietnam, but would also offer to fight in Germany, Russia and Nicaragua. Regarding multi maps, several names emerge, including Miami and Moscow: “Black Sea, cartel, KGB, Miami, Moscow, satellite, Tank, tundra “. In a previous article, we told you that Call of Duty’s Zombies mode could make a comeback in the new opus. Well, the leaker who shared all these details with us just found the code name for a “Silver” Zombies card. New areas for the battle royale Warzone have also been leaked: “Duga, Forest, Russia, Ski slopes”, which would indicate that he is in the game. It now remains to finally obtain confirmation from Activision.

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