Canton of St.Gallen – Again many police operations due to noise complaints


In the period between Friday and Sunday morning (July 12th, 2020) the cantonal police of St.Gallen disengaged over 40 times in the cantonal area due to disturbances in peace. The increase in rest disorders has been evident for several weekends. The numbers have doubled compared to the previous year.

While some reports only came in in the early hours of the morning, other citizens reported after 10 p.m. and complained about disturbances in the quiet of private apartments, restaurants or noisy pedestrians. The disengaged patrols of the St.Gallen cantonal police tried to make the noisy people aware of their behavior in dialogue. In some cases, application fees of CHF 80 were issued.

The cantonal police of St.Gallen noticed a significant increase in disturbances to rest. One reason for this is likely to be that due to the corona situation, more people are at home and therefore find the noise disturbing.

The cantonal police of St.Gallen are appealing to the population to be aware in the coming holiday season that noise in the open air is perceived as disturbing. With regard to those seeking peace, it should be possible for everyone to have a relaxing and conflict-free time in summer.

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