Carlos Burgos, president of Platense, is outraged by the freeze on promotion to the First Division


Platense is one of the strong teams in the Second Division.

In the Platense leadership there is indignation and sadness when learning the official decision of FESFUT to freeze promotions to the immediate top leagues for the next 2020-2021 season.

In a Facebook transmission, from the official website of the Zacatecoluca club, Carlos Burgos, president of the Virolenos said that “we are an autonomous league, and as the Second Division we are perfectly going to compete under those criteria, a league without promotions does not make any sense , and I believe that the bases of competition that govern the Second Division are very clear and very emphatic on the issue of promotion. “

“We have to be vigilant to ensure that the bases of competition are respected, that they are not trampled, we as Second have our autonomy. Article 59 talks about champion, promotion and descent, and it is not binding there that the First Division does not decide to descend to one of its affiliated teams. Next season, God willing, Platense can play in the First, or any team in the Second, “added Burgos.

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