Chivas: They suspect that ‘Chofis’ may have the COVID-19 coronavirus


Surprisingly, Javier Eduardo Lopez did not appear even on the bench in Chivas This Saturday, in the 3-1 victory over Mazatlan FC, in the Cup for Mexico. The reason was revealed after the meeting: there is suspicion that he may have been infected with COVID-19. Last Wednesday he tested negative, after his girlfriend showed symptoms and came out negative. But you will have a new exam.

“Eduardo Lopez had a COVID test on Wednesday because his girlfriend had had some symptoms and it came out negative. Today when he got here he also felt bad, She was a little warm, her body cut, and he felt limp. We didn’t want to risk it and they returned him to his house. Tomorrow they will do another COVID test, but the joke was that he was not here, that it will not infect anyone and tomorrow we will inform them of the results of the analysis, ”reveals Luis Fernando Tena.

In addition to “Chofis”, there is another concern on the rojiblanco coach’s mind: Chivas will have to leave Guadalajara to play the second phase of the Cup for Mexico. Cruz Azul, Atlas and Mazatlan FC were infected when they left their respective cities. Now it will be up to the Sacred Flock and “Flaco” anticipates that they will not stay in Mexico City.

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They suspect that ‘Chofis’ may have the COVID-19 coronavirus. Surprisingly, Javier Eduardo Lopez did not appear even on the Chivas bench this Saturday, in the 3-1 victory over Mazatlan FC, in the Cup for Mexico.

“Yes, obviously with all the precautions and yes we are concerned, of course we are concerned with infecting players, coaching staff, managers, everyone. We will take all possible measures, the idea is to do what Tigres has done so far, which I think gave us a good example that he comes to Guadalajara, plays and goes back to Monterrey. I think it is a very good option for us to do the same, go, play on Wednesday or Thursday, depending on our turn, in Ciudad Universitaria and return after the game. If we win, then we will have to go on Sunday again with the same logistics. But we will try to take all possible measures ”, he details.

And he expects all teams to abide by the protocols, after coaches who don’t wear face masks have been seen on the benches. “The thing about the mouth mask, yes we all have to use it, it is proven that in other countries they used it and controlled this virus. It helps a lot and I do think it has to be mandatory, on the court, in the store, in the taxi, on the subway, everywhere. I have it here, I just took it off to speak more clearly ”, he adds in the virtual press conference, after the victory over Mazatlan FC.


On the other hand, Luis Fernando Tena has reiterated his wish that Jose Juan Macias stay in Chivas, however he acknowledges that he cannot guarantee his permanence throughout the tournament. The Atletico striker has offers from various teams in Europe and has the desire to emigrate. This Sunday will make an announcement at 20:00, but so far its immediate future is unclear.

“From JJ we always know that he can leave at any time, it is a reality, if there is a good offer that suits the player and that suits the club. We have been giving it a go because there is also the possibility that he can stay and obviously our desire that he stay here. We have to play the other strikers because we have to anticipate that he can leave at any time. There is no guarantee that the entire tournament will already be here, ”admits Tena.

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On the other hand, he recognizes that his team still sees us as he wants, two weeks after the start of the tournament. “We are far from the best level, the team is far from how the previous tournament ended, for example. But it is considered to some extent normal after so long, some players are picking up their pace and others are having a harder time. These parties serve us for that, they will be released little by little. But this is even for all and we will see which team takes its rhythm faster and reaches its maximum potential, that team will have an advantage in the first dates, ”he says.

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