Christopher Landau confirmed that the US Embassy in Mexico received authorization to begin issuing student visas


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Since the pandemic began to spread throughout the United States, and academic and higher education centers closed their doors, managing the situation and immigration status of foreign students in the country has been a dilemma.

On June 12, the uncertainty fell on thousands of young people, after it was revealed that the US State Department had banned its diplomatic offices from dispensing student visas for the next school year, which would begin next September.

“I am very aware of the issue of student visas; for now, we are not authorized to deliver them anywhere in the world “, Then explained the US Ambassador to Mexico, Christopher Landau.

Through social networks, Ambassador Christopher Landau confirmed the news (Photo: Twitter @USAmbMex)
Through social networks, Ambassador Christopher Landau confirmed the news (Photo: Twitter @USAmbMex)

However, this Thursday, July 30, new guidelines were issued from Washington, and Embassies and consulates were authorized to start issuing these documents.

“Great news! We have just received authorization from Washington to begin issuing student visas for this school year. I will give more details during the course of the day ”Christopher Landau advanced through Twitter.

Although this is undoubtedly an important announcement, the diplomat did not reveal what requirements will be required to process this type of visa; important information if you consider that on July 24, the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service (ICE) clarified that entry will be limited to new students whose classes are exclusively online.

“Students with a new enrollment or a post-March 9 statute will not be able to enter the United States to pursue a course at a US school as a nonimmigrant student in the fall course if they follow a program that is 100% online “The agency of the Department of Homeland Security explained in the statement.

Christopher Landau will expand the information in the coming hours (Photo: Twitter @USAmbMex)
Christopher Landau will expand the information in the coming hours (Photo: Twitter @USAmbMex)

The ICE provision came after the government of President Donald Trump proposed at the beginning of the month not to allow the stay, nor to receive young foreigners who would receive exclusively virtual classes next year. An initiative that was withdrawn on July 14, after protests from prestigious universities such as Harvard and MIT, which even started a lawsuit.

Given the uncertainty about the conditions that will be imposed to obtain this type of visa, Christopher Landau assured that he will expand the details in the next few hours through Twitter, and asked those interested to stay informed through the official channels of the US Embassy. in Mexico.

Although there is no official start date for classes yet, both the federal executive and the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) are in favor of begin in September in person.

Visas to travel to the USA

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(Photo: File)

On March 18, the diplomatic offices of the neighboring country canceled the visa issuance service, due to the rapid spread of the pandemic.

About a month later, President Donald Trump signed an order to suspend the processing of new H-1B, H-2B, H-4, L-1 and J-1 visas, as well as residence cards, until the end of 2020.

At the moment, and beyond the announcement of the student permit, The visa that can be requested at the Embassies is the “Emergency”, whenever one of the following circumstances occurs:

* You must urgently obtain medical treatment in the USA.

* You must accompany a direct family member who requires urgent medical treatment. Understanding by direct family member mother, father, brother, sister, son, grandfather or grandson.

* A direct family member in the US has a serious medical condition and urgently wants your presence.

* You must attend the funeral of a direct family member.

* You have an urgent business matter to attend to that came up suddenly.


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